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Be Moved by Luxury

Sometimes even excellence could be surpassed.

Welcome to Millennium

Millennium Limousine is a ground transportation services and transportation management services company located in Ottawa, Canada's capital. With an international transportation network, Millennium Limousine extends its services across Canada and the United States, and beyond. Founded in 1994, we hold the requisite security clearance and licenses to effectively work with VIP guests and major delegations visiting Canada. 

Request airport pick-up or drop-off, transportation point to point, city to city or beyond and enjoy custom-designed packages that meet the requirements and intricacies of your travel needs.

Entrust us with the logistics planning, meet and greet, tracking of inbound and outbound flights, vehicle assignments and transfers, and contingency planning for groups of 10 to 1500 people.

Enjoy a supreme visit with chauffeured service designed for 
presidents, ambassadors, 

foreign ministers, ministers, and diplomats, where service is delivered with utmost delicacy and precision.

Celebrate in luxury whatever the occasion. Select your wedding package or reserve your ride to a dinner out, a bachelor or bachelorette party, your graduation, or an out-of-town shopping trip.



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